Sorry, Mom. Sorry, God. (tygrrtygrr) wrote in etiquetteworld,
Sorry, Mom. Sorry, God.

Missing gift question!

Joined this comm just to ask this, lol...

My husband and I were married in September – Yay!

His brother and sister-in-law apparently ordered us a gift off our Target registry and had it sent to us. It should have gotten to us in early July. In late August, she sent me a Facebook message asking if we had received it. The thing is, we hadn’t. I told her as much (and thanked her for getting us a gift) and offered to get in touch with Target to get it sorted out. She said she would take care of it, because they definitely paid for the gift.

Fast forward to now. I haven’t heard anything back – she and my BIL weren’t able to make it to the wedding, so we didn’t see them there. I’ve sent out all my thank-you notes for everyone who came to the wedding and/or sent gifts, but now I’m wondering how to proceed with SIL and BIL and the lost gift.

On the one hand, I feel bad thinking that she may think we got the gift but hadn’t sent a note. On the other hand, I’m afraid that if I ask her about it again, I’ll look like we’re being greedy. Plus, she has a lot on her place already – a one-year-old daughter, plus her husband (DH’s brother) is in the military and just left for 5 weeks. And I believe she’s in the middle of a big move, on top of everything.

So I don’t want to add to her stress, but if I had paid for something and it hadn’t been sent or received I’d want to know. Plus, again, I don’t want her thinking I just didn’t bother to send a note.

How should I follow up with her? I’ve only met them a couple times so I don’t know her that well.
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