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How do I address this?

Hi there!

I've been going through my holiday card list and I have encountered a stumbling block.
I have a male friend who I'm very fond of.  Things have worked out in such a way that I still have not met his long time beau.
Other mutual friends have met the elusive beau on a few occasions, but none of them have ever caught his last name either. 
I'm at a loss as to how to properly address a card for the two gentlemen. 
When it comes to holiday cards, I'm generally of the opinion that it's rude to send a card to just one person when you know the two reside together in a commited relationship. 

I could use both of their first names, but I feel that would be too casual, especially since I've only met one and not the other. 

Would it be too odd if I addressed it Mr. & Mr. "Name of my friend"?
While I'm pretty sure my friend is likely the more effeminate of the duo, I like that a lot better than using just first names. 

Anyone know any differnt?  Suggestions? Alternatives? 

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