Emily (emily_73) wrote in etiquetteworld,

A rather smelly problem

Hi all,

Perhaps you can help with this rather frustrating and gross problem...

I live in a rented house which has a fence but no gate. I have no pets. Every day for the past few days (and spontaneously over the past few months) I have come home to discover a large dog poop on my front lawn. I suspect it is the neighbours dog as I they often let him roam around the street unsupervised when the husband is tinkering with his car.

Once I was gardening and the dog (a Doberman)came straight into my yard and had a sniff around, dispite me yelling "Go home!" he paid me absolutely no attention.

I have only lived in the house 3 months and have had very little contact with the neighbour whose dog it is (I find it hard to believe that a stranger walking past would allow their dog to poop on my lawn everday and then not clean it up.)

My question is...how to approach this politely. I have absolutely no evidence to believe that it's THEIR dog whose new favourite toilet is my lawn...but I suspect it reasonable. Should I drop a note in the mailbox or knock on the door? I feel terribly embarrassed because I imagine they are unaware... and just think the dog is having a sniff around.
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