World-Famous Ryan (rdbelcher) wrote in etiquetteworld,
World-Famous Ryan

Wedding reception speeches

In a few weeks, I will be emceeing a wedding reception for some friends. I was asked to do the job because I have experience in public speaking and I know more about etiquette than most of my friends (I made them promise me there wouldn't be any gift registry information on the invitations). So, it'll be my job to make sure things run smoothly and briskly (so that no one is bored) and also to make sure that things that should happen will happen.

So here's the question: who traditionally gives speeches at a wedding reception? Is there a list somewhere of the people expected to say something? In the interest of keeping it to a minimum, I'm hoping it's nothing more than parents, best man, and maid of honor. But if I'm expected to give time to the whole wedding party, and the grandparents, and the sister of the groom, and the caterer, I wouldn't want to offend anyone who's owed some time.

I'd ask them who they want to give time to, but I'm sure they'll just say, "Oh, I don't know. Who traditionally gives a speech?"
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